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Combining Tax and Engineering Knowledge

The key to Cost Tech Consulting’s delivery of value is the merging of our in-depth tax depreciation knowledge with our detailed engineering and valuation approaches. We apply our familiarity of pertinent court cases, revenue rulings and other pronouncements to systematic blue print analysis in order to identify, quantify and establish an income tax basis for the shorter-lived property in your facility. Our conclusions are based on a thorough review of the construction drawings along with a careful site inspection. We have extensive experience in a wide array of property types and industries.

Cost Tech Consulting provides professional quality and support in its cost segregation studies and purchase price allocations.

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About Our Staff

right pointing small orange triangular bullet Cal T. Fugitt, Principal

right pointing small orange triangular bullet Principals, Managers and Other Staff

Cal T. Fugitt — Principal
Areas of Specialty: Cost Segregation, Purchase Price Allocation, Insurance Valuation, Property Tax Consulting

Cal T. Fugitt is a depreciation and property records consultant affiliated with independent appraisers and cost segregation engineers throughout the United States and the San Francisco Bay Area. His experience includes planning and project management of major industrial properties and entities including the machinery and equipment, a wide variety of other unique personal property, intangible assets, and real estate and construction engagements. These were projects requiring multidisciplinary analysis and perspective. His responsibilities have included business development, technical support, and quality control in appraisal, cost segregation & purchase price allocation, insurance valuation, property records and property tax consulting areas.

Mr. Fugitt has been actively engaged in the appraisal profession since 1970. He has served in a wide variety of management, valuation consulting and technical appraisal positions. Appraisals have been prepared for the purposes of ad valorem tax, merger/acquisition, asset-based financing, leasing, insurance, and asset management (fixed asset-property records) systems. His expertise comes from extensive experience in both the private and public sectors with an emphasis on property tax, income tax allocation and fair market value determinations. Although not an active practicing appraiser, his depth of knowledge in tax depreciation consulting continues to contribute to that discipline.

Mr. Fugitt spent 14 years with Big Four accounting firms in San Francisco as a principal and technical coordinator in valuation and cost segregation services. He was most recently a director with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and led the cost segregation, capital cost recovery practice in the Western Region. He also worked with American Appraisal Associates for 11 years. He has traveled extensively during his appraisal career and has been involved with appraisals and cost segregation projects in a wide variety of industries. He is currently the principal of Cost Tech Consulting, Inc., providing cost segregation and purchase price allocation services to clients throughout the United States.

Mr. Fugitt is a Retired Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) who held an Accredited Senior designation in machinery and technical specialties. He is also a past president of the ASA's San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. He now leads the cost segregation and depreciation consulting services of Cost Tech Consulting, Inc.

Cal T. Fugitt
Direct: (415) 264-6079


Principals, Managers and Other Staff

The employees and associates of Cost Tech Consulting include professional engineers, appraisers and CPAs. Most of them have practiced cost segregation and appraisal with major accounting firms or were personally trained by our principals. We use quality control and implementation techniques that have proven to pass the ultimate test of acceptance — approval by the Internal Revenue Service. Our principals and lead associates have been through countless exams and have successfully prevailed in these reviews.

We encourage continuing education and pass along to our employees the latest rulings, guidance and case law related to our service lines. This information is gathered through our contact with over 125 CPA firms and from information provided by the IRS.

The cost segregation service area has grown tremendously in the last few years. With over 25 years of experience, starting with the Investment Tax Credit era and continuing through the implementation of catch-up depreciation, Cost Tech Consulting is firmly positioned as an expert provider of cost segregation services.

Our staff knows the importance of client service and quality work. We nurture our relationships for continuing service to all clients and referral networks.

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